When I think about my family positive reminders come out to my mind. It is because when you are 30 years old there are more things to remember than when you were only 16. So, if  you are interested to find out how a Peruvian family is mainly compounded and how is their typical  lifestyle, you will get engaged with the following lines.

Although there are different types of families, my family could be framed such as traditional one. It is formed by parental figures. My mom is Deysi and my dad is Abel. They fell in love around 36 years ago. As a result of their lovely history, my sister Deysi was born in 1981 succeeded by this writer in 1986 and our little brother Joaquin in 2000. Probably are you asking about the broad difference between my last brother and I? Well, summarizing it was a real miracle for the whole  family because after many years mom got pregnant roughly at her 40 year old.

In Peru is usual that either father and mother work to support their family. My father is a policeman whereas my mother is a teacher in elementary school. They enjoy working in their fields. As expected in my country, when a teacher is within a family, the well-educated the children should grow. In this line my sister is an accountant. She is married and has three beautiful girls: Ana Lucia, Ana Liliana and Ana Larissa. She loves summer time and spend time together. Usually when I need some advice I call her and we spend lot of time talking and talking and talking. Diametrically I decided to study civil engineering because of the inherent preference for math and numbers. Our little brother is beginning college this spring. He decided to study Business and Marketing Engineering in Peru and hopefully he will do it so well.

As all the families we had problems and difficulties, but always our parents taught us to get the energy and the mental ability to overcome adversities. I consider that specially these circunstancies remind me the real value of having a family and its implications into a society wherever it were.

Nowadays, my parents use to spend their time together by enjoying every second as the first day they found each other. And I am following their example as a real proof that a family  strengthens your spirit and expands your world, even when several kilometers separate you from home.