Hello, today I was thinking about the idea to talk about procrastination and how to deal with. In my own experience, coping with procrastination could be a difficult issue if you don’t find out the ways how to manage your time, your anxiety, your fears and even your lack of knowledge.

In this opportunity, I want you to listen about the experience I had when i was doing a research paper or thesis whereas I was working at the same time. Firstly, when your are accustomed to be multitasking is too difficult to admit that you cannot do something just because of “you don’t have enough time”. I have always thought that if you manage your time properly, there’re no impossible things to do. So, in 2008 I decided to begin the field work looking for information. I remember the topic I had chosen was related on transformation field, airports, and how to make it possible in a city with lack of incoming resources like my own. I learned that if you are engineer, you must find the way to do it. It means, I put lot of pressure into my brain by trying to figure out that I had to find out the path to reach the aim. Time was going on and after 9 months I realized that I complied with my job, but It wasn’t the same with my academic obligations. I just got the information to begin working on the state of the art.

As a typical procrastination habit, I was putting off the things I had to do for the next day. After one year of that first enthusiastic and ebullient attemp I didn’t have concrete results. Regrets involved my mind and I start questioning myself by trying to analyze the weaknesses which stymied my goals. In this process, I found some underlying reasons which are usually ascribed to procrastinators habits including: wrong decisions, perfectionist behavior and pushing yourself to the edge.

First, I began admitting that I chose a wrong decision. I ask myself why did I decide to focus the research work on Transportation? And why, in spite of that decision, was I  still working on construction field?. The made connections. I realize that I spent more time in my job and complied with all the assignments there because I had not felt a real like on Transportation field, but on Construction. So, I thought that it could be a better idea to focus on a construction research. I decided to begin a research on hydraulic structures, specifically on reinforced concrete water tanks. I was working on that field and I really enjoyed to every day at work.

Second, I always have had a mania to do all as perfect as possible. I realize that I spent one year and that perfectionist habit didn’t reflect concrete results. On the contrary, it aimed me to look for many books, ebooks, research papers, articles and lot of information without any result on doing what I had to do. I set a high goal, it was to do a perfect research job. It’s surprising how some habits could block your goals even when many people could say that being perfectionist is intelligence’s synonym. In this context, in the new attemp I decided to set small goals like writting at least one page every day. In the subsequequent days I realize that a large part of the job was done. It just took me some days contrarily to the other experience when I set a big goal.

Finally, I realized that I wasn’t mastering properly my time. Daily, I was spending around 10-11 hours at work and the next 2-3 hours focusing on the research paper. I didn’t have time for me. My brain and energies were diminished. So, in this new attemp I decided to give myself some time for relaxation while doing the research paper as well as some free days to do sports or for meeting some friends. I don’t lie you when I say that when you arrange your time properly, the effectiveness on reaching your goal is likely a 98%. Never again I felt tired. Never again I felt bored. Never again I fel I was climbing slowly. Physically and mentally I was prepared to afront this new target and finally I did it.

In this part of my blog surely you are asking… and how was the new attemp? Ok so, briefly I have to tell you that I finished my thesis on 3 months. It was accepted by the proffesors. I receive positive reviews for that work. Finally I got my goal. A diploma as civil engineer was afforded to me (the bachelor degree was afforded immediately when finishing the college). I focused the research on my fav field, construction engineering. I didn’t need to give up to my job, I just asked for 3 non-profit weeks before the presentation. And the best, I learned that procrastination could have terrible consequences if you don’t find out how to deal with it.

See you next time,