This morning I was thinking, what makes a moment or situation special? The first idea that came out to my mind was “happiness”… and there’s an explanation to find happiness at every step and situation, because if you don’t feel happy for every step you do, even if this is the smallest one, there’s no reason to keep working on something. In my case, I feel happiness because I closed a mid term semester with lot of experiences as well as personal and academic accomplishments that for sure, will be strengthened at the second part of this fabulous semester.

Firstly, I have to tell you that I came here with rather expectations as fears. Expectations were related to education, people, culture, lifestyle and wow… I wasn’t wrong. I met teachers who love their work, to give the best explanations and are open to receive some suggestions and feedback. Also, they’re great for their teachings such as lectures and feedback. Besides, I’m glad to know great people from all over the world. For example to learn about the Asian and Arabic culture – because of most of my classmates come from these countries – enhance my knowledge to understand how people, if they are joined, could achieve wonderful things. Such wonderful things are well called friendship and understanding. Now I know that even if we don’t have the same religion, we can share the same expectations for building an better world. The lifestyle is quite different from my country, here dinner is the main meal, so make some changes to your lifestyle usually turn into something positive. These experiences have come up with positive messages that I’ve decided to describe as my positive experiences in the US.

Also, I had fears before coming. These were related to deal with a new culture, to live alone, to arrange my own times, to take care of myself and of course, to get along with my English classes. So, I feel happy because I’m getting adapted to this new culture progressively. To use my email account for everything and to get support on technology to take a bus or to order a request to fix something wrong in my room have an important value for me. In addition, I’m almost living two months here and I got enough time clean up my room, to use the laundry service weekly, to do shopping for eating and even to cook occasionally represent an extra motivation to feel personally accomplished. Of course, we must mention the main objective for being here, it is to get along with English. If we go back to January, I must confess that I have looked up enormously my English skills. I feel more confident when I have to talk to native English speakers,  my vocabulary has increased. In most of audios and videos, I don’t require to close caption help. And also, writing and email or even this post doesn’t take me too much time as it was at the beginning. Entirely, my English capabilities have been strengthened. I will be happier if I can get great scores on Toefl and GRE, but I know that I still need to keep working because greatest achieves require greatest efforts. This is the reason what I am here.

I hope you were enjoyed as me this occasional post and that your mid term ending have been full of accomplishments like mine!.. see you in the next time!